Buckley Now

Sarah Buckley is an LA illustrator and pattern maker. Her illustrations break subjects into multifaceted areas and/or flat, geometric forms in a single plane. They are simple and sexual and feel like pieces of half-remembered dreams. Fingers, thighs, hair create patterns that give me feels. Below, I've copied a couple examples.

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wind horse 


You & I


New Woman



Hobo Artist 



1111 comics - *click*

I like this strip by 1111 (eleven eleven) comics of Thor's morning routine: selfie in bed, breakfast shake, Facebook session, choice to unfriend asshole.

Despite the fact that Thor has been cast from Asgard to live with humans in Midgard (Earth), he seems to fit in just fine. He even uses our excited-endorphin-overload facial expression when he gets a comment on his post directly after God (whom 1111 comics defines as "an entity which is infinitely everything at the same time") just liked said post. (PS: I'm assuming God, in this case, is Odin.) 

Generally, 1111 comics posts SafeForWork, silly, cute comics. If you're into things that are cute, then you can visit 1111 comics website to see more.  



James Barker - Sunny Day in the City

Look out! There's a Godzilla tiger kitty licking that white 80's Volvo! At least he'll need to stop soon once he keels over from how head is being impaled by a spiky ray of the sun. Poor Godzilla meowzer; can't get a break.

Anyhow, James Barker has more fun illustrations like this one featuring wildly different subjects such as ghosts, international flags, and my favorite: a praying mantis. You can buy most of his illustrations in t-shirt, mug, poster, and framed forms when you click here.   


Eric Colossal - Funny person who makes comics

Here are two funny comics, which I found in sea of a bunch of other funny comics by Eric Colossal (real name?). As a cat lady, I particularly love Bear (who gets farted on; poor Bear).

Anywho, here are my responses to the two comics below:

Response to comic 1: *teeheelolharhargh* he's falling for it; the water beer. lolz, the beer is actually water.  

Response to comic 2: *pfffhaahaha* Tried it, don't knock it. (Barf).  

Do yourself a favor; visit his site and remember why you love the Internet (because it has free, funny comics). This is great!



I find cool things while tunneling through the Instagram. Most recently, I've discovered Yendryma's beautiful, but sorta creepy illustrations set against spare, white space. Most of them have those little pink circles on their cheeks that remind me of those popular-in-the-90s black-and-white photos of kids with rosy cheeked layer masks. Anyway, I like them. You should check 'em out.

Bonus: when you scroll through his feed, you'll find an illustration of a girl with antlers like the dead girl whose Carcosa killer Woody and McConaughey were searching for on True Detective. #weird! #coincidence?


Russ Rubin - Russ draws (some of) the US (or whatever)

These Route 66-inspired watercolor drawings of places in the South and Southwestern United States are pretty neat-o if you ask me. But, I'm a sucker for the long black roads we have here in the U-S-of-A running and running through the the desert or prairie nowhere until, ever so often, an intimidatin' pile of red rocks or sleazy neon motel sign looms past. 

Because Russ labeled these pieces "Day 3, Day 8, etcetera," I'm guessing he was on a road trip and was too RedBull-addled to name his paintings something than "Car painting = bad horsey" (Lexington, KY) or "salsa n desert" (Las Cruces, NM). Frick, the Nashville, TN, one doesn't have a name. Therefore, I will call it, "the next Luke Bryan hums loudly in a BK hoping to get discovered."

Though I've copied three of these Americana depictions here for your viewing convenience, Russ has about 20 more o' these bad boyz n girlz on his website. Check 'em out.


Grace Miceli

When clicking through artists' links on Illuminati Girl Gang, I particularly loved Grace Miceli's girly teenager doodling-in-a-notebook poetry featuring white tennis skirts and Bring It On.

When I clicked through her site and found her drawings and paintings embodying the inscape of a pink-n-glitter twelve year-old at Claire's buying butterfly clips, my pink tank top grew sparklies and my eyes became little squiggly purple hearts.

Dear diary, I <3 Grace Miceli. I hope she likes me back. 



Ilustration for Dante’s ‘Inferno’, dated c.1460-70

Todo Libro Antiguo (@libroantiguo) tweeted this illustration and nebulously titled it: "Illustration for Dante's 'Inferno', dated c.1460-70." A helpful Twitter-ite responded to @libroantiguo saying, "Gonna ask Fred Phelps to fact check this." While Todo Libro waits for the green light from Phelps, I'm posting "Illustration for Dante's 'Inferno', dated c.1460-70" because I don't have time to wait for facts. The Internet waits for no one. Plus, c'mon. Just look at it. Definitely 15th century shit we got goin here, amiright?

To thoroughly enjoy the illustration, I suggest lifting your laptop until it's only an inch from your face and observing how the guy being punished for lust in the bottom-left corner has a rod shoved up his buttoot and through his mouth into the mouth of someone wearing his exact same paper-crown-hat. Yikes. Much worse punishment than the gluttons above him who must eat a couple food items with their hands tied behind their backs. Though, lust guy's punishment could be better than poor fat baby's punishment which, if you notice, was to be eaten (for heaven-knows-what sin) by Lucifer himself. Yowza. Tough luck, fat baby. 



The big ladies in this pen-n-paper piece by Finnish artist Eeva Honkanen totally resemble the witch Yubaba from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Furthermore, the title, "people living inside the red pepper" and the hoagie bun full of humans makes me think of the black god in Spirited Away who spits gold from his hands before he eats everyone at the bathhouse.

Interesting. Surreal, one might say? You can find more of these blob-ous, unsettling mash-ups on Eeva Honkanen's website.


Joan Cornellà - Jimbo the Jam

Wouldn't it be weird if the floating dog behind your head actually became your head? That is, until your head appeared underneath the dog's second head? That's what happens in this comic by Spanish illustrator Joan Cornellà.

I wonder what unconscious surrealist urge is expressing itself through this non sequitur. Maybe it's that urge to become a dog that sleeps all day and sniffs things and has the ability to grow an extra arm-head. Hm. I don't know. But, I like it.


John F Malta - Summerbabe

Summerbabe poster by illustrator, comic artist, painter, writer phenom John F Malta is 2D and blue and has a weird little animal in it and a girl wearing cat ears. The beach has lots of bones and trash and little pinchy beach creatures strewn about. Maybe that's why the summerbabe is scowling. Either that, or the fact she's wearing a turtleneck. It's part of his series House of Ghouls. Check out more of his work here.


The horror! The horror! Matt Kish's Illustrated Heart of Darkness

In Hyperallergenic, Kish explained that he illustrated Conrad's Heart of Darkness using mostly yellow and green markers -- spring-y colors -- because “it was folly to think that terrible things happen only in the dark.” Eesh.

So that you can compare the happily-colored illustrations with the novel, here are some unsettling quotes from Heart of Darkness pared with Kish's art:

“Even extreme grief may ultimately vent itself in violence--but more generally takes the form of apathy.” 

“We live as we dream -- alone."

"It echoed loudly within him because he was hollow at the core.” 



Now that I'm aesthetically-frazzled from the psychological horror ("it was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice”), it's time for me to pet my black-and-white kitty and read some funny Tweets. That is, after I check out more of Matt Kish's art and stuff. Doo doo doo.