Russ Rubin - Russ draws (some of) the US (or whatever)

These Route 66-inspired watercolor drawings of places in the South and Southwestern United States are pretty neat-o if you ask me. But, I'm a sucker for the long black roads we have here in the U-S-of-A running and running through the the desert or prairie nowhere until, ever so often, an intimidatin' pile of red rocks or sleazy neon motel sign looms past. 

Because Russ labeled these pieces "Day 3, Day 8, etcetera," I'm guessing he was on a road trip and was too RedBull-addled to name his paintings something than "Car painting = bad horsey" (Lexington, KY) or "salsa n desert" (Las Cruces, NM). Frick, the Nashville, TN, one doesn't have a name. Therefore, I will call it, "the next Luke Bryan hums loudly in a BK hoping to get discovered."

Though I've copied three of these Americana depictions here for your viewing convenience, Russ has about 20 more o' these bad boyz n girlz on his website. Check 'em out.