Ryan McGinness - Figure Drawings

At Pace Prints hang Ryan McGinness's Figure Drawings: women-shaped neon signs. They're like flat, Matisse-inspired shapes that flicker and buzz in the window of the adult video store. But, in the best way possible. 

I'd luv to visit these sexy women-shaped neon lines in person. For now, I'll just ogle them here, at the Pace Prints' exhibition site. Bzzzzzzt. 


Solarsisters instagram

I love Solarsisters' Instagram: a vehicle for posts of these austere illustrations, photos, watercolors (many of which are printed on t-shirts for sale) that are perfectly simple and flawed -- like drawings by 8 year-olds (if 8 year-olds could channel the adult sensations of longing and sadness and ennui).

Of the three I posted here, the one with the woman + glass of wine is the only one with a title: Yeah girl me too. Yup. I feel that. In fact, I feel all three. Nice work, lady. 


Grace Miceli

When clicking through artists' links on Illuminati Girl Gang, I particularly loved Grace Miceli's girly teenager doodling-in-a-notebook poetry featuring white tennis skirts and Bring It On.

When I clicked through her site and found her drawings and paintings embodying the inscape of a pink-n-glitter twelve year-old at Claire's buying butterfly clips, my pink tank top grew sparklies and my eyes became little squiggly purple hearts.

Dear diary, I <3 Grace Miceli. I hope she likes me back.