dantes inferno


Ilustration for Dante’s ‘Inferno’, dated c.1460-70

Todo Libro Antiguo (@libroantiguo) tweeted this illustration and nebulously titled it: "Illustration for Dante's 'Inferno', dated c.1460-70." A helpful Twitter-ite responded to @libroantiguo saying, "Gonna ask Fred Phelps to fact check this." While Todo Libro waits for the green light from Phelps, I'm posting "Illustration for Dante's 'Inferno', dated c.1460-70" because I don't have time to wait for facts. The Internet waits for no one. Plus, c'mon. Just look at it. Definitely 15th century shit we got goin here, amiright?

To thoroughly enjoy the illustration, I suggest lifting your laptop until it's only an inch from your face and observing how the guy being punished for lust in the bottom-left corner has a rod shoved up his buttoot and through his mouth into the mouth of someone wearing his exact same paper-crown-hat. Yikes. Much worse punishment than the gluttons above him who must eat a couple food items with their hands tied behind their backs. Though, lust guy's punishment could be better than poor fat baby's punishment which, if you notice, was to be eaten (for heaven-knows-what sin) by Lucifer himself. Yowza. Tough luck, fat baby.