I like this spinning gif made by Ukrainian artist Yuriy MiRon. It's like the Bowser Boss's circle of hell -- the level where villains must turn and turn and turn and turn around and around again and again for all eternity. Will teach a dude not to mess with Mario, if you ask me. 

See more of MiRon's spinning (and still) creations here. It's particularly fun to open up the archive and look at all of the thumbnails movin' and groovin' at the same time.


The Current Sea - Kaleidoscope GIFS

Design team, THE CURRENT SEA, makes far out GIFS and videos and graphics. These ones, as you can see, are neon-colored kaleidoscopes. Warning: you may start drooling if you watch them for too long. Before the droolathon commences, you might want to distract yourself by visiting their website where you will find other groovy artistic offerings and can also information for how to employ them to make a GIF logo for your start-up,  

Whooaeeowwwwwww, pretty colors. Peace and love, ze. 


Diamond Life - WEINVENTYOU

I originally discovered WEINVENTYOU via Gawker while reading on the bus during one of those SAD (seasonal affective disorder) days in January that make you breakdown in the new-mom-pump-room in your office after your bus finally elbowed its diesel-y way to said workplace through hours of brown snow and traffic. Breathe.

Anyhow, bad (good?) day to watch, the looping gif of marketing-jargon-beeping-repetitive-despair-of-work-whathave you Slate said evoked "the existential despair of the conference call." It was cathartic and sad *claws at throat*.

So, I couldn't upload to my humble site, but I could upload this also very cool gif by WEINVENTYOU of a baller in a Caddy(?) creeping ominously past onlookers in what I think is Sierra Leone only because I've listened to Kanye's song too many times and think (possibly?) that Jay Z is in the car like: "Don't judge me, yo. I'm a business, man, not a businessman; let me handle my business."