quetzalcoatl_toxtli_atl - Pray Don't Prey

quetzalcoatl_toxtli_atl's Instagram feed is full of these posts of photographs layered with groovy universe-scapes, portraits, patterns, and other beautiful images. From Googling #sanjoseblackberet, I discovered that this image seems to be commemorating a sunrise ceremony and walk for peace and solidarity in San Jose, CA, where the walkers ended up at the Mexican Heritage Plaza to observe a pipe ceremony and Mexica (Aztec) dance.

Because I'm an outsider, culturally, I can't and won't comment on the message of quetzalcoatl_toxtli_atl's pieces. I will, however, comment that these pieces are lovely and haunting and mysterious. Don't you agree?



The Current Sea - Kaleidoscope GIFS

Design team, THE CURRENT SEA, makes far out GIFS and videos and graphics. These ones, as you can see, are neon-colored kaleidoscopes. Warning: you may start drooling if you watch them for too long. Before the droolathon commences, you might want to distract yourself by visiting their website where you will find other groovy artistic offerings and can also information for how to employ them to make a GIF logo for your start-up,  

Whooaeeowwwwwww, pretty colors. Peace and love, ze.