Teeny Excerpt from New Tab By Guillaume Morissette

You know when you read something and you're like Oh-eM-Gee I totally feel this? Well, that's how I felt reading this excerpt from New Tab, which I found here. I am now going to go buy the thing.

Anywho, I Snagit-ed this excerpt from the excerpt I found online because this Snagit-ed excerpt particularly stuck to my ribs. Some people call it the feels, some call it existential despair, Louis C.K. calls it that forever empty. This character calls it reality (reality that is "inside every raccoon," hehe). But, seriously. The feels, man. Not cool. At least the character understands? This is why I love fiction.

So, here's the excerpt. Please also buy the book, thank-you. 

5-8-2014 9-36-28 AM.jpg