Twitter word bots from

If you like really like words and also really, really like computers then dear lawd stop what you're doing and look through There, you will find a gaggle of Twitter bots created to do funny, random things with words.

For instance, @everyword auto-tweets, yes, every word in the English language one-by-one sans definition (and, amazingly, has 89K followers). Even better, @pizzaclones generates a joke in the form of Every [NOUN] is a(n) [ADJECTIVE] [NOUN] when/if/as long as [SUBORDINATE CLAUSE]. Example:

And more, Power Vocab Tweet (@PowerVocabTweet) tweets a randomly-generated word + randomly-generated definition for the word.

Because decontextualize's master mind uses very intelligent-sounding terms and references to describe her Twitter bot work, Power Vocab Tweet's term is: “speculative lexicography." Of course, @PowerVocabTweet's speculative lexicography parodies word-of-the-day apps, blogs, etcetera, but, it also -- get this -- tears down power structures like a bot-ified Derrida. Don't believe me? Read about it



Blind Chow @BlindChow - hilarious tweets

Because I have been laughing by myself reading tweets for, um, an hour or so, I thought I'd share some of the hilarity of one funny Twitter-er I particularly liked. Thx @BlindChow, your tweets are the tits.