Rick Schaier - collage instagrams

Rick Schaier's Instagram handle, victoriancow, is full'a his collages (made with documerica photos?), paintings, and other well-curated mash-ups. He must be a busy dude because he's apparently also in these bands: Miniature Tigers, Alvin Band, and Spooky.

The first image I posted below -- the one with the Poseidon Nasa man -- caught my eye particularly because Mad Men was all about the moon landing last night (which is amazeballs; we have been to the moon: a leap for man(woman)kind, and all that). As for the second one: I love the colors and all the feathered dirty blonde ennui it's got goin' on. 

To see more of Schaier's paintings, collages, etcetera, visit his Instagram account. 


Dawn Black - the snake and the rising of the stag

Dawn Black makes these evocative collage paintings. In this one, someone wearing one of those creepy red Spanish inquisition hoods holds what looks like a California king snake over the shoulders of a bejeweled soldier to whom a young man who looks like a slave from ancient Rome tips a stag head.

In medieval folklore/allegory, stags and snakes are enemies. Says the Medieval Bestiary, "When the stag discovers a snake, it spits water into the hole where the snake hides, draws the snake out with its breath, and tramples it to death. If the stag is ill or old, it draws the snake out of hiding and swallows it. The stag then finds water and drinks large amounts of it to overcome the poison, and is renewed. When the stag is renewed it sheds its horns. Some say that the stag cures its ills by eating crabs it finds in the water."

Allegorically, the stag is supposed to represent Christ who is renewed (and renews others) when he and they shed their horns (e.g. sins) after drinking water. And eating crabs. I hope that's what is going to happen here, but one cannot be too sure. Hm. many thoughts. much inquisition. wow. such snake. peligro gallows. so crabs.