Rick Schaier - collage instagrams

Rick Schaier's Instagram handle, victoriancow, is full'a his collages (made with documerica photos?), paintings, and other well-curated mash-ups. He must be a busy dude because he's apparently also in these bands: Miniature Tigers, Alvin Band, and Spooky.

The first image I posted below -- the one with the Poseidon Nasa man -- caught my eye particularly because Mad Men was all about the moon landing last night (which is amazeballs; we have been to the moon: a leap for man(woman)kind, and all that). As for the second one: I love the colors and all the feathered dirty blonde ennui it's got goin' on. 

To see more of Schaier's paintings, collages, etcetera, visit his Instagram account.