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Collective nouns


Here is a Monday roundup of some collective nouns for groups of people: 

  • A disappointment of writers
  • A crash of musicians
  • A density of young earth creationists
  • A calumnation of marketers
  • A slop of frat boys
  • A cuntpunt of sorority girls
  • A vexation of goths
  • A superiority of vegans
  • A portfolio of baristas
  • A musk of mountain climbers
  • A constriction of cyclists
  • A muddle of philosophers
  • A lingering of Dead heads
  • A disservice of juggalos
  • A tedium of NPR groupies
  • A merit of tech bros
  • A thighgap of So-Cal chicks
  • An envy of bridesmaids
  • A bloom of fauxhemians
  • An indignance of mommybloggers
  • An amendment of libertarians
  • A desperation of artists
  • A paleo of personal trainers
  • A sitcom of squares

More collective nouns pending inclusion. Thank-you.