Sir Victor Uwaifo / Frankie Francis & Simbad - Ohue

Y'all ready for Record Store Day? Thinking of lining up with a bunch of collector-types to buy the 2,725th early-70s Grateful Dead live triple-album? No?

Not much for me in this year's offerings, but Rough Trade is releasing a few of its compilations on vinyl. These could be pretty interesting for someone looking to get into, say, African blues or psychedelic Bollywood. Of course, their stuff is usually on streaming services, and I'm not sure there's much sonic value added in buying the vinyl (can't find info on their wax mastering process).

So enjoy this African dance track. Does this count as "disco?" Sounds a lot like a Franco et l'OK Jazz song with a bit of thippy Moog. Either way, it's an ass-shaker.