Joseph Harvey - ...but we can make our own miracles here, just the two of us

UK artist, Joe Harvey, makes videos. No two videos are very similar. For instance, EXFORM has a wormhole mouth that spits out an orange; Eternal Parquet Sunrise has a neverending-Hades-of-Zelda feeling; and ... but we can make our own miracles here... has a video collage of a Skype conversation between French musician Jacques Brel and sailor, Ben Jan Ader.

As Harvey says, "The video asks the viewer to imagine themselves as Jacques Brel trying to convince Bas Jan Ader over Skype not to embark on his fatal attempt to cross the Atlantic in a single-handed sailboat in 1975." It asks you to imagine yourself as a Frenchman with a quaveringly beautiful voice beseeching the tanned, cheekboned sailor stay on land, dammit. To not ignore your imprecations! Your voice implori-  

Hello? Hello? Bas?

Fucking Skype. Dropped the call again ...