Kanye Chef Tumblr

From the bowels of weird Internet comes this fun Kanye Chef Tumblr dedicated to Kanye + food. #Mastermind of Kanye Chef, Tyler Cray, fills this Tumblr with content submitted from the Interwebs. This content includes: Kanye lyrics changed to be about food ("Prawns so raw / Motherfuckers wanna brine meat / That dish cray"), album covers re-designed to be about (and include) food, macros about Kanye + food, photos of white American cheese, and other Kanye and food-related items.

I know the kids these days are creating lots of Yeezy parodies on the Youtubes and Twitters, but this one servers a greater purpose by giving the public a forum through which to express the deep, question burning in their hearts: what is the deal with rappers rhyming about food all the damn time, anyway? Particularly fish (?).

Anyhow, I've gone H.A.M. on that Kanye Chef Tumblr and have emerged with some chunks/posts, which I have posted below. Grab a fish stick, and enjoy.


What’s goat cheese my nigga? Crab Louie my killa?
Bananas my peela? What’s on your crackers, Nutella?
Martha says I’m the illest, cause I’m stuffing a chicken
Apple fritters in Paris and the icing’s vanilla, huh!
 —  Fritters in Paris