Daniella Garreton - sea creatures and the like on wood canvas

Santiago de Chile-born Daniela Garreton loves the sea. Because I am feeling homesick for the sea right now, I was swept tonight on a salty current toward her seafaring wood prints (resembling American-style sailor bicep tats), which she creates from coastal city, San Sebastián.

She says of her work and mindspace (in her bio), "the sea has continued to imprint itself on her mindscreen." I feel dat.

Which is why tonight I am the tangly-bearded man with the Wes Anderson hat. I am the seagull octopus with the captain's hat. I am the bearded skull with the hat with the fish bone patch. 

To the sea, the sea!

image 1: Gorro Rojo 

image 2: Seagoctopus

image 3: Marino Calavera