Daft Punk | Get Lucky

Frankly, I think this song kind of sucks. It should be an easy one to nail: a sweet groove along the lines of "Something About Us," tight instrumentation, glimmering tones. But then Pharrell opens his damn mouth: "Like the legend of the phoenix / hah / all ends with beginnings." Guys. If you're gonna write a song about getting laid, why the hell would you start with a flaccid metaphor invoking "the legend of the phoenix?"

Granted, one of Daft Punk's best qualities is their ability to embrace tacky, tasteless sounds from the past, pump everything through their funk filter, and end up with golden boogies. And words are never really important to their songs. But with Pharrell's vocals front-and-center in a straightforward pop song structure, the lame lyrics grate on you. I appreciate stoopid shit, but this feels somehow much worse: a shiny holographic dance floor with a slippery turd right in the middle.

Make up your own mind about it: