Michelle Robinson - female forms

Continuing in the #girlpower theme from yesterday's post, Michelle Robinson's bold, colorful, rhythmically-patterened paintings also prominently feature the female form. Many of her paintings feature a 2-D warrior-type woman with a colorful, patterned halo staring square at the onlooker.

The first painting, TAVIA, is an example of one of these. In this case the woman who might be Tavia (with her checkerboard halo) supervises a pit of beautiful naked women. I love how she's so unbending and dark while the ladiez behind her are very bendy indeed.

The second, Petal By Petal, is the piece that first caught my eye on Michelle Robinson's instagram. Though the image's Instagram caption, "she's comfortable in her skin...unveiling herself petal by petal" reminded me a bit too much of junior high sex talks with teachers and mothers and such, the composition is very pleasing. It reminds me of a peach and a heart and a keyhole and an iris and other sexy, female symbols.

To see more of Michelle Robinson's female-centric emanations of "self-empowerment, identity, community, sexuality, freedom and the human condition," visit her website, Though most of her originals are sold out (go gurl), you can buy prints, etc.