Jacob M. Canfield - i woke up with laser eyes (2011)

I like Jacob Canfield of Hoob Han's comic, "i woke up with laser eyes." The comic is chock full of anxiety and humor -- a mix of bad dreams and lack of sleep and the absurdity of paying tens of thou to live in a dorm room with strangers and read Machiavelli and Proust and the like for four years while worrying about how much dealing with the real world is going to suck (spoiler: it does). Interestingly, "I woke up with laser eyes" is just one of many comics Canfield's written about waking up with laser eyes. 

Though "I woke up with laser eyes" is drawn with lasers that look like lasers, the other laser-eye-themed illustration's lasers are drawn like shards of wood coming out of the characters' eye sockets. This theme disturbed and interested me, so Interneted a psycho-analysis for what lasers + eyes mean in dreams. I found out that, apparently:

  • Lasers symbolize clarity and truth
  • Impaired eyesight represents uncertainty in choices
  • Injured eyes suggest refusal to see the truth
  • Bleeding eyes symbolize deep pain and conflicts within your soul

So, there you have it? Dreams of laser eyes = clarity and truth + uncertainty and choices + refusal and truth + deep pain and conflicts. Yes. Thas deep. Lots of truths in there. Thanks, Internet.

Please visit Hoob Han's site to see more of his comics. If you cringe easily, avoid Samantha Back 2011. Or, don't avoid it? It may be good for your truth + uncertainty + refusal issues, or whatever.