Wayne Chisnall - Painting #9 for Horror Movie, 'Blaze of Gory'

While romping through the Instagrams as I do, I found Wayne Chisnall's cute little monster illustrations and sculptures. When I clicked into his site, I found something much different: this incredibly evocative (uncomfortable?) series of paintings Chisnall is creating for new horror film, Blaze of Gory. This beautiful composition of a skull lined with maps is, apparently, #9. 

So what is Blaze of Gory, you ask? In Chisnall's words, Blaze of Gory is a series of: “short films ... based on the writings of a teenage girl called Blaize-Alix Szanto, who wrote these stories between the ages of 12 and 15 ... The section that [he's] been asked to produce the work for is called "Monster" and is about a young girl locked away in a high-security mental hospital for a series of brutal crimes." 

He uses autopsy photos to help himself create these paintings ("always a pleasant way to spend a relaxing Sunday!"). You don't say ... Yowza. Anyhow, you can check out these gory, vivid, spooky paintings on his portfolio. Good luck! (Enjoy?)