Lady AIKO - The Bowery Wall

If you live in en-why-cee, you may have seen Lady Aiko's graffitistreetart with Japanese-traditional-aesthetics mural on the Keith Haring Wall on Bowery st. Because I live in the Great American West, I have not seen this. Though, I #aspire to do so one day because I like pastel graffiti wall collages that demonstrate femmepower-overtones. Cool stuff, girlfren.


kamehana0kala - grafitti artist

Grafitti artist, kamehana0kala (instagram handle) tags a mix of styles (Hawaiian tribal plus bold-color-scribbled street grafitti) onto watertowers, pillars, bunkers, wells, walls, tunnels crumbling in the midst of fecund Hawaiian jungle.

Can't get enough of these urban + tropical visual scapes loomed over by Oahu's humid, wild sky. Aloha nui loa.

To see more, go here.