comic book


Myah Bailey

Here are some noir comic book-esque pieces from Denver artist Myah Bailey. Apparently each series is comprised of parts of an ongoing story with intersecting characters/themes. Because I don't know these stories, I'm going to make them up.


Let's say the first one, The Fortune Teller's Fate, is about when you see that bastard your friend, Jen, is dating at the Beauty Bar with some blonde hoe and all you can do is stare while the crow in your hair, after having pointed in their direction, whispers in your ear, "um, wtf; Johnny is such a douche."

And the second one, Vitality from Poison, is about Lori, dem bitch, who consistently says things like, "stfu, Kate, no one cares" and "that dress makes your ass look fat." Amazingly, every time she says things like this, a shiny spider grows in her hair. 

No? Maybe? 

To see more story-provoking pieces, go to the artist's site!