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Paul Rizza poems

Among other things, Paul Rizza writes poetry on top of jpgs of art masterpieces you learned about in art history class. On the first one I posted (René Magritte's Golconda), Rizza writes about slipping through the sidewalk into a secret place underground, which I'm almost positive is something every little kid sort of thought about when trying not to "step on cracks." Or was that just me? Anyway, it's beautiful and I love it.

The second one written over Degas's L'Etoile is about accepting yourself as you are with all of your beautiful flaws because you are a beautiful ballerina princess dancing for all the world to see with a cute crooked snaggle tooth that is cute, damnit, and if anyone disagrees about that then, well, they can go fuck themselves! Tra-la-la-da-dee.

Want to see more? Go to his Tumblr.

noclip through the pavement

something just snaps in physics

there is an open world underneath

falling unimpeded toward some

secret place under the ground

inaccessible by conventional means

but miss it by an inch and continue on

dropping to the furious molten core

the nice thing about embracing narcissism:

the flaws you have become assets

as your standard of beauty resembles

more and more your reflection


a single crooked tooth

not only stops being bad,

it’s actually quite cute; don’t you think?


the ideal crooked tooth: mandibular central incisor

mine’s on my right but either’s okay

RT if you’d go gay for yourself