Matt Broaddus - 2 poems

Matt Broaddus is a Cave Canem fellow whose poems have recently appeared in Small Po[r]tions, NightBlock, The Offing, and The Baltimore Review. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and tweets sporadically @mattbroaddus. 

Where I live


What is behind

a blue door

concerns me.


dish washing,

moose heads,

the ornamental

surveyor’s tools.


What concerns me

is behind a blue door.


the literal line.

I’m standing in

the imperium’s yard

while it smokes

cigars in the solarium,

whatever that is.


What behind

blue concern

is a me door.

I have been practicing

my astral projections,

time travel, flight.

I wondered if

we could be friends,

but I’m afraid to ask.


What me is

behind a blue

concern door?

I could be


you aren’t

which is scary enough

to build subdivisions.


What blues me is

concern behind a door.

If I knock

will you burn

down the house?

Will I burn

down the house?

Where is this house

we speak of?


What concern

is me behind

a blue door?

I am not

an electrician,

but on blackout nights

I can jigger the fuse box,

pull levers until

there’s a sky.


Cat Burglars

Lost in the woods,

I answer to no name.

I call out stone to separate it from the orchid.

By naming, I name the illusion.

If I wait patiently

the Large Magellanic Cloud will

drift through space to dock with the port of myself.

Desperate for sapphires,

I swim in emeralds.

Tautological is a word

I can never remember the meaning of

but it’s apt when considering:

Who are you and who am I?

The realization like fireworks

escaping from a vault.