Three Poems - Simon Kim

Simon Kim lives in Chicago and tweets @walcum.

Laguiole Knives

shooting the moon

from a sinking ship. 

a glass drops


we don't. I've always

nevered. I'd like

a life rarely out of

spite. this isn't

really about god

or motion. you'd

returned from the

water as you. this

you cannot destroy.


The Thirty Years War

fool me once you know.

fool me infinite times shame

on god. irksome text & response.

what I should've said wasn't what

I should've said. I am always

repeating myself. we all hustle for

how we'd love. the insolvent scenery.

bats fluttering out across evening.


Don't Quite

I mess up. lyme

disease is forever.

tarantula under

glass. a surface

to snort stuff off

of. I lose poems.

you can read this

& what does

you will. tiny

undies. cats in

the greenery.

public hair.