Rami Niemi

Swedish Illustrator Rami Niemi loves fleamarket records, lives on a farm, and creates bold-colored vector-based drawings by hand and on his compu-tador. His illustrations are a phab mixture of Boterismo-exagerrated figures and Casandre deco. Though Rami's super fly art has been published in many, many venerable 'zines, campaigns, and the like, I'm including his art here because I luv it.

The following are descriptions of each illustrations and/or their titles.

Drawing #1 was for Wired; it's RE that lazy Saturday afternoon when you dig in the crates for that one record -- you know the limited edition still in the package and priced at $1.00. 

Drawing #2 is amazing. It's titled "some dude feeling comfortable in a polycotton yard suit," which is a perfect title. I'm guessing a "yard suit" is a Swedish term for onesie?

Drawing #3 is an illustration a guy drinking and sleeping on an airplane, which makes me wish I could go have a beer on an airplane right now. (Note the Skittles.)

Drawing #4 is a real heart string tugg'r. The kid wants his mom to tell him about the Man Upstairs. What will the mom say?! It's a cliffhanger.

So, Rami Niemi's portfolio site displays a plethora of these illustrated gems, as well as some comics I didn't post. Go click around. Spend some time. Go on.