The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records - Revenant Records' Steampunk wunkderkammer

This 1920's steampunk-Victrola-looking velvet-upholstered oak cabinet briefcase thingy houses some amazing stuff that apparently tells the story of the rise and fall of Paramount Records. 

The "quarter-sawn oak" cabinet of wonder includes these items:

  • Hardcover coffee-table-type art book
  • Soft cover "field manual"
  • Laser-etched white birch folio of LPs containing 6 deluxe golf-leaf-labeled vinyl records
  • Forged-metal USB drive with 800 songs  


This (and I quote) "omnibus of words, images and music, housed in a limited-edition, hand-sculpted cabinet-of-wonder" is really oddball-posh-imaginative and I vow to open each gold-leaf-laser-etched item wearing white gloves and monocle.

I am off to find more coolness at Revenant Records' website. See you there.