Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

There are times when you just want to fall into that space where time and continuity, set and setting, past and present dissipate; the walls making up the room in which you sit just vanish. You're suspended in a audible loop...loop...loop...loop...loop...   

Augustus Pablo: melodica, piano, clavinet, organ

Robert "Robby" Shakespeare, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Leroy "Heptones" Sibbles: bass

Carlton "Carlie" Barrett: drums

Earl "Chinna" Smith: guitar

Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall: tenor saxophone

Bobby Ellis: trumpet

Vincent "Don D Junior" Gordon: trombone


Producer: Augustus Pablo - silent satta

Mixing engineer: Errol Thompson, King Tubby

Recording studios: Randy's

Mixing studio: King Tubby's

Recorded: 1972-1975

Released: 1976