call for Essays - Writers + the Internet

Ah, the Internet. That distracting, fabulous force that forever changed how we communicate, entertain ourselves, do business, learn about stuff, etc., etc. It's da best, right? Aren't we lucky to have been born in the Internet age?

For writers, the Internet can be kind of a bitch. A badass bitch, but a bad bitch nonetheless. Are you having a a helluva time figuring out how to be a writer in relation to Queen Internet? Is it frustrating AF when it came (or is just now) time to have that at least well-enough-paid-to-live-off-of Writing Career, but the Internet had destroyed the prospect of said career with her neon red, fire-laser eyes? No? Yes?

Whatever your experience, I'd like to hear about it. Because it's probably interesting. So, please send me your pieces so I can gather some good ones into a book of essays. 

To be clear: I'm looking for essays on the tension writers feels vis a vis the Internet. The timeline for this call is open-ended. I will publish essays on the website until I can get enough to pull into a book. So, send them my way!